Thursday, September 22, 2011

Infrared urban aerials of Louisville and Park(ing) Day

The series of images shown are photo manipulations of a large infrared aerial in MSD’s office.  Their image shows the developed part of the city in white/blue while the more heavily vegetated part of the metro area is shown in red.  The map never carried much weight for me since what we value about a city, it’s density, came off as unassuming white.  And what we value about open space and rural quality was red, not a color we associate with vegetation.  So by changing the image where the developed part was in red and the vegetation in green, it demonstrates more of the city’s impervious quality.  It illustrates how insidious an urban inner city can be without open space and parks.  That’s why having Park(ing) Day – a day with temporary parks built in parking spaces – can be so good at raising awareness to the need.  It’s interesting to note apart from the parks that surround downtown, Churchill Downs’ infield is the largest open space…

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