Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photos from the Louisville Loop

Many don’t know that the Louisville Loop, a 100 mile trail around the whole county, already has portions in place.  Right now there is 23 miles built from Waterfront Park down the Ohio River to the Farnsley-Moreman home/landing.  It is made up of the Riverwalk by downtown, follows Northwestern and Southwestern Parkways, uses some bike lanes, then picks up the River along the Levee Trail.  All told it is a nice ride.  I found the drivers (even semis) were courteous either moving over as they passed (even though I was in a bike lane) or when stopped, they motioned for me to go first.   I thought the Levee trail was the most heavily used portion with many more walkers/joggers than anywhere else.  The most beautiful parts were a secluded woods portion near the LG&E facility and Southwestern Parkway.  If you haven’t been on it, give it a try!

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